Unlike the United States and some European countries, companies and products in Brazil are regulated by different governmental agencies.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) regulates products of animal, mineral and plant origin, beverages, wine and vinegar. It also controls agricultural inputs and products intended for veterinary use, from food additives to animal beautification products. Furthermore, it is responsible for the political administration of agriculture and standardization development.


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Products related to human health, such as cosmetics and other health-related items (referred to as correlatos in Portuguese), sanitizers, household products, food, and drugs fall under the responsibility of the National Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA). To see a complete list of products, click here.

RAGB offers advisory and consulting services to help companies deal with the regulatory processes of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA). We simplify bureaucratic procedures for commercial, industrial, import and export activities linked to the Ministry of Agriculture, including those that require Operation Licenses, Product Registrations, Implementation and Certification of Good Manufacturing PracticesPre-auditing and Evaluations, and SIF* or ER** Registrations.

*SIF: Federal Inspection Service - responsible for ensuring the quality of edible and inedible products of animal origin intended for the domestic and foreign markets, as well as imported products.

**ER: Establishment and Product Registration - issues licenses for correct application of pest control products in agriculture and agrochemicals, and also vaccines and remedies to combat animal diseases.

Products subject to MAPA regulation
Animal and veterinary use products
Products intended for animal feed
Products of plant origin products
Beverages, wine and vinegar
Pharmaceutical chemicals
Additives, supplements, production enhancers, antiseptics, disinfectants for environmental use or in livestock equipment installations, and pesticides
Additives intended for animal feed (acidifiers, preservatives, coloring, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, etc.)
All chemical, biological, biotechnological or manufactured substances that can be administered individually or collectively, and directly or combined with food, for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and/or healing of animal diseases
All products that, when used in animals or their habitats, protect, restore or modify organic and physiological functions, as well as products devoted to their hygiene and beautification
Fertilizers, inoculants and correctives

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