RAGB - Regulatory Affairs / Global Business

From the very beginning RAGB had a intense and powerful commitment to facilitate business operations for foreign companies in Brazil. We can only do this by streamlining the process of applying for the necessary permits and licenses, as well helping companies go trought the bureaucratic processes of Brazilian Regulatory Agencies (INMETRO, ANVISA and MAPA).

Our Regulatory Affairs Consultancy is offered according to the needs of our clients.  Simplifying communication and tearing down all the bureaucratic procedures is our goal as we strongly provide assistance in the midst of global bureaucracy.

RAGB specializes in regulatory intelligence for licensing, authorizations, product registration, business development,  for national and international companies. Our expertise extends to more than 40 countries across the globe, including the United States, Canada, Turkey, Israel, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Germany, Croatia, the Republic of Korea, India, Mexico, Singapore, and Switzerland.  

Our Team

Currently, our technical staff includes a multidisciplinary team that has wide experience in regulatory affairs. We work together with advisory and regulatory affairs consultancy services in order to obtain licenses, authorizations, audits, Hosting Services, and certifications from the relevant government agencies. 

Follow-up and implementation are performed in record time. We are experts at minimizing the time and effort required for companies to meet the requirements of regulatory agencies; ensuring that all the documentation and actions are completed correct; and increasing the chances of success for requests for licensing, authorization and registration.


Transforming bureaucratic regulatory language into a simple and easily understandable message for our clients and partners, and establishing effective communication between companies and regulatory agencies.


Enabling access to innovative products and services that provide the best cost-benefit to companies, leading to improvements in health care, technology, security, and well-being for the Brazilian population as a whole.


Decency, honesty, fair prices, and quality of service, as well as respectful treatment of our clients, partners and coworkers.