MAPA Product Registration

RAGB offers advisory and consultancy services for Product Registration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), acting as an intermediary between the company and the Ministry. This can simplify the bureaucratic process in a way that is customized for each type of product.

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We handle all documentation, from the Product Registration request to all the necessary reports for labelling. We also produce the technical dossier for the MAPA evaluation

The following products require MAPA registration

  • Products of plant origin
  • Beverages, wine and vinegar
  • Fertilizers, inoculants, and soil additives
  • Additives to be used in animal feed (acidifiers, preservatives, coloring, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, etc.)
  • Products to be used in animal feed
  • All chemical, biological, biotechnological, or manufactured substances to be used individually or collectively, directly or indirectly mixed in food, designed for the prevention, diagnosis, cure or treatment of animal illnesses
  • Additives, supplements, animal production enhancers, antiseptics, disinfectants for environmental use or in livestock installations or equipment, and pesticides
  • All products which, when applied to animals or their habitats, protect, restore or modify their organic and physiological functions, and products destined for the hygiene or beautification of animals
  • Pharmaceutical chemicals

Products of animal origin and products of related establishments obtain their product registration in different ways, as described here. In such cases, RAGB also offers advisory and consultancy services for the acquisition of registration. We have technicians with broad experience in regulatory topics, which speeds up the product registration process with MAPA.

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