MAPA is the agency that handles the laws, requirements, and standards for Agriculture Related Products, which are very interesting for Brazilian Market. Our main activity in the entire country is agriculture. Improving processes and innovating ways is really something for Brazilian people. Organic Agriculture Products have been gaining much space between Brazilians among the last years. Market for Pet related products also has grown. Imagine how big is Brazil and all the possibilities that having your products registered with MAPA (Agriculture Agency) in here can bring to your company. Being registered with MAPA makes your company to be shown in MAPA’s Website and Brazilian companies can find your product or company by name when searching for products that they must need.



Of course, a licensed product has more chances than a non-registered one. If you have a licensed company to apply for product registration, you can open a door for many other companies, specially if your product brings some kind of innovation. RAGB has experienced registration of products from many countries to the most variable categories: animal food and its ingredients, fertilizers, soil corrective, inoculants, pesticides, biological control, probiotics, veterinary products. Our team is prepared to help you get the registration through a very fast and cost-effective way.

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