Why choose a Regulatory Affairs company in Brazil?

Today we will tell you the advantages of choosing a Regulatory Affairs Company in Brazil to regulate and host your products.

Exporting your products to Brazil can be a great growth opportunity. The elections, at the end of 2018, created a favorable scenario for the economic growth of the country and therefore, the expectation is that GDP (Gross Domestic Product) will grow and, consequently, will warm up the national market.

In order to be able to sell your products in Brazil, you need to choose a Regulatory Affairs Company. Get to know the main advantages of a local company when it comes to Regularize your Products in Brazil.

What is a regulatory affairs company for?

When a company or an entrepreneur wants to market its products in Brazil, it must be legalized in the country. Subsequently, the requesting companies must be registered, and / or notified before the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) and the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA).

Only after the publication of the approval of the registration / application in the Official Gazette, can the company manufacture, import and market its products in Brazil. However, this whole process is not so simple and easy to do in case of inexperience of those involved. Therefore, it is fundamental that you hire a regulatory affairs company in Brazil that has quality and experience in full support, technical and legal, to obtain and change the registry in more diverse regulated areas.

Regulatory Affairs Company in Brazil – Greater proximity to the market

By hiring a Regulatory Affairs Company in Brazil you take along with the contract, the proximity to the country market and as a result, the understanding of experts on the Brazilian trade.

In addition to helping you with the Brazilian Regulatory Affairs, the Company can also assist you with sales and market tips in general to ensure greater assertiveness in your business. 

Why choose a Regulatory Affairs Company in Brazil?

A company whose headquarters are not in Brazil can only operate in the country having some type of link with Brazil. A Brazilian Regulatory Affairs Company can facilitate the sales process of your product, because it is located directly in the country where it is its sales focus.

Greater proximity to regulatory bodies

Choosing a Regulatory Affairs Company in Brazil makes it much easier at the time of proceeding to approve the registration. Because it has its headquarters, the entire regulatory process is faster and less bureaucratic.

What happens is that, at the time of Hosting Products, some regulatory bodies may request documents or certifications that must be filed within a specific time, often short.

By hiring a Regulatory Affairs Company, you deal with a company that specializes in all Brazilian legislation and standards.

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