ANVISA is the agency that takes care of cosmetics and hygiene products, food (and related) products, food supplement, sanitizing products, medical devices or materials, and medicine and its ingredients. RAGB has many years of experience on registering products (in its most variable categories) with ANVISA. We have registered Health Products and Devices, Odontology Products, Medical Software, Cosmetics, Sanitizing Products, Food and Food Related Products, and other. As soon as we start working together, we will send a list of documents and requirements to get your products approved and simplify as much as we can to apply for registration. We will check every information and documents that your company have prepared (even for registering in other countries) to avoid double work.



We will take care of every step of product registration for your company, always presenting possible and legal strategies to bring your products to the very large country that is Brazil, so your team can explore such a rich market in a very low time. An important thing: law only allows only Brazilian licensed companies to apply for product registration. That company must send its licenses to ANVISA together with documents regarding the product itself, because the registration will be attached to the company.

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