Hosting Service is RAGB’s specialty. We have been providing that kind of services for 10 years and allowing many products to enter Brazilian Market. Many companies start Brazilian operation by using Hosting Services, because it is today the fastest strategy to start. Hosting Services were fundamental during pandemics to get fast access to products like PCR Tests, Face Masks, and many others.  We provide Local Representative Services (Hosting) with ANVISA (Brazilian Health Agency) to help companies that wants to get access into Brazilian Market without spending much time waiting for company licenses and avoiding having the costs of keeping an open and running company currently in Brazil. By using Hosting Services, your company will be free to choose as many distributors in Brazil as you want to. Always your company allows ours, we will give them authorizations to import your products, and, this way, the selling operation will be on you. We will only act as your regulatory office in Brazil.


ANVISA – National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance (translated from BR-Portuguese) is the agency that handles human health and related products affairs, such as:

  • medical, dental, hospital or laboratorial devices or equipment
  • medical, dental, hospital or laboratorial softwares
  • sanitizers
  • cosmetics, perfumes, personal care products
  • food, supplements, food ingredients, materials in contact with food for packaging
  • medicine

Saving time

We use to say that Hosting is the most attractive business to start an operation in a new country, because you can have a time to see how the market reacts to your products before deciding to the journey of opening a company in Brazil. We call it a journey because it demands time and costs like taking personal documents and waiting for Brazilian government to issue them, choosing a place, paying rent, paying at least one person fees monthly to take care of the company, buying and installing furniture and equipment like computers, desks, chairs, paying government fees related to have Brazilian employees, paying a technical responsible person, an accountancy office, there are so many expenses per month that can kill your operation in the beginning, unless you have a good strategy like using hosting services.


The best thing about it is if one day you decide to open your own company in Brazil, the registers can be transferred, and you don’t have to stop selling while wait for that company to be ready to receive the registers, and not even while waiting for registers to be transferred. Before knowing every other strategy to start your operation in Brazil and making a decision, you have to talk to one of RAGB’s specialists to know more information about Hosting Services.

Protection of Regulatory Operation

There are some situations in which is dangerous being attached to one distributor. Things may not go that well and for some misunderstanding, both companies decide to stop the operation. If your regulatory operation (your registers) are totally on distributor’s hands, they can decide to cancel it, making you loose an entire operation and having to start from zero (applying for registration again, paying taxes again). By using Hosting Services, the operation is in your hands, not in your distributors. It also can allow you to choose many distributors using the same registration and same commercial name (if each one of the distributors applies for registration, they will have to pick a different commercial name for the products, because ANVISA do not allow same name for 2 or more registration processes.  

How Hosting is Charged?

Hosting is charged per year, ne single installment, and it does not change according to the number of products you will apply for registration.

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