These are the perfect services for innovative products, and also for companies that prioritize safety. We collect all relevant information regarding your product, put into a dossier, present to the regulatory competent authority, and apply for Feasibility Study. The authorities will come back to us with precious information like what kind of documents will be necessary to apply for registration, test reports that will be necessary, risk classification of your products and everything your company should have prepared before applying for product registration. RAGB’s Team will put this information into a Feasibility Study Report, in a very easy and understandable language, so your company can schedule actions to get your products registered and ready to be into Brazilian Market with the best timing conditions and avoiding mistakes that may cost time and money.



Feasibility Study can be translated to your language. Consult our team to know more information about Feasibility Study services and go for product registration with all information you need, without any surprises. Feasibility Study can be delivered very fast. It represents the safe bridge to get registration.

Apply directly to registration for an innovative product can be frustrating, because one component or claim on the label can change the entire classification of the product. The safest way is starting the project with Feasibility Study, and after, aiming to the correct registration.

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