RAGB audits are designed to continuously improve quality systems. One benefit of the audit is related to Good Manufacturing Practices: Updated and maintained quality systems ease the certification process.

Another benefit is when the audit takes place during a company regulation process by Brazilian government agencies, such as MAPA, INMETRO and ANVISA.

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This process allows us to evaluate whether the company’s quality system is in compliance with the current regulations of government agencies.

RAGB performs external national and international audits

RAGB performs external national and international audits

RAGB carries out customized external audits, working with our clients’ local team, creating auditing plans based on the ANVISA’s Board of Directors Resolutions (RDC), as requested by clients.

At the end of the working period, RAGB staff schedules a meeting with everyone from the company’s quality department to present the results of the audit. Then, a complete report is issued that deals with all nonconformities found, if any; it includes recommendations for improvements and guiding corrections.

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