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Projeto de Turn Key - Chave na Mão Projeto de Turn Key - Chave na Mão

The goal of a Turn Key Project is to assist national or international companies that wish to set up Manufacturing Units or Product Distributors, which are regulated by ANVISA and MAPA in Brazil. Each government agency has specific requirements.  The RAGB team is familiar with all the structural and bureaucratic processes related to the creation and legalization of Manufacturing Units and Product Distributors anywhere in Brazil.

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We take care of every part of the Turn Key process, from singling out the best locations to CNPJ registration (assignment of a company identification number issued to Brazilian companies), hiring a responsible technician, development and deployment of a quality system, registration of projects with government agencies, monitoring audits, and issuance of necessary licenses and authorizations. We provide our clients with all the resources they need to optimize their time and save money.

The Turn Key process can be applied to both national and international projects. For companies outside Brazil, RAGB offers services related to their establishment in Brazil, ranging from localization, audits, and quality system standardization in conformity with Brazilian laws, up to the creation, compilation and registration of the necessary documents.

 Why use Turn Key services?

The biggest advantages of Turn Key services are its quick results, time and money savings, by transferring all of the responsibility to RAGB. In addition, companies can feel confident that their projects will be approved by the responsible agencies, since all documentation and application processes are carried out by professionals who have extensive experience with advisory and consultancy services, and in-depth expertise about the regulations applicable to foreign companies operating in Brazil.

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