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INMETRO Product Certification

INMETRO Product Certification INMETRO Product Certification

RAGB offers assistance with INMETRO Product Certification by supporting international companies during their regulatory processes with the government agency. We act throughout all stages of certification, delivering time-efficient, convenient and decisive outcomes.

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Which products require INMETRO certification?

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Areas of Expertise

INMETRO laboratory certification

We act as an intermediary between companies and the INMETRO-certified laboratories – Primary Certifying Agencies (OCP). We support companies throughout the entire process, from choosing a laboratory that is best suited to their needs to the preparation of documents and certification.

Document Preparation

During this stage, we support companies during the document preparation process, including the following topics:


We assist companies during laboratory testing, reporting and analysis. We also develop a testing framework that adheres to the required specifications.

Quality of Documentation

We also participate in the preparation of manuals, standard operating procedures (POP), forms and other materials to be delivered to the INMETRO-certified laboratory as documentation.

Final Approval by the Primary Certifying Agency (OCP)

We follow-up on the process all the way to final approval, and issuance of the INMETRO Product Certification.

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